Monday, March 31, 2008

Somebody Punch Me

Maybe that will make me sleep? Or at least make me pass out.

God, I'm so boring and bored, but mostly, so fucking TIRED. My legs were fizzy fuzzy last week because I was bodily exhausted.

And apparently I didn't get enough rest last night, because today I just got tireder and tireder. As a bonus, a headache crept up on me this afternoon but didn't really affect me until I lay down to go to bed EARLY.

Now it's been almost an hour and a half after I tried to sleep. First there was a B-52's song in my head--only two lines, on repeat--now it's a song from Oklahoma. Still. Nearly an hour later.

As a real bonus, I came up with some further good ideas about school tomorrow. Dammit.

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17 (really 15) more years said...

Watch that fatigue- that's how I ended up sick as a dog for the past 5 days- I was practically forced by my honey to stay home yesterday (not that he was wrong)- but I hate staying home from work, I feel so guilty.

Oklahoma? The B-52's? And I thought my dream that resembled an Amy Winehouse video was bad!!