Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween

which means tomorrow is my birthday. Last day of being 30! Thirty-one seems like officially in 'the thirties.' I don't feel mature enough for that! I'm feeling quite melancholy about the whole birthday thing this year, as a matter of fact. Partly because 31 isn't a 'special' age like turning 30, partly because it's on a weekday, partly because I'm can't celebrate with my students like I've done for six years, partly because I'm just a weirdo.

Anyway, in other news, I plan to do National Blog Posting Month starting tomorrow. I've really gotten out of the blog habit in the last year-plus and now is as good a time as any to work on making that better. Yesterday I made a list of all the things I have been wanting to update y'all on. Sixteen things I've been meaning to post anyway! I'll split them into separate posts just in case I need a cushion. :) Lots to tell you, and so I'll see you soon--tomorrow, in fact!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Did you go to a party? I did neither. I've never really done Halloween stuff, if I can remember correctly. Though a group of us in high school did dress up and trick or treat even in senior year, so maybe I just had my fill already. :) But mostly this is a crazy time for teachers--usually the end of the quarter, which means grades are due. And I never had many friends and never any non-teacher friends. I think we were all just too tired to party out of school! :)
Have a great spooky day!


Mister Teacher said...

Happy birthday!

My wife and I didn't go to any parties, but we did pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, and we were dressed as Penny and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. :)

J said...

what a fun costume idea! are there photos??