Monday, November 01, 2010


Oh my goodness, it's my birthday!

This has been a weird fall because it's the same schedule as my first year in New York, my first year teaching. Six years ago, my birthday also fell on a Monday. I had been teaching for barely a month. I had no friends. I had zero social life. On my particular Monday, it was our biweekly PD after school, followed immediately by four hours of grad school, so I got home at 10pm. I didn't celebrate at all. It was really depressing. And it was my 25th birthday! Man, that sucked.

Even worse, I didn't even realize it until a week later!

So I wanted to make sure that didn't happen again. Thus I made a habit of celebrating with my students every year. And dressing up in a fancy-ish dress too. That meant that regardless of my social situation, I had to have a bit of fun during the day, and so did my kids.

Last year, I turned thirty (ack) and made sure I did something extra special.

I asked a group of friends to hang out and have fun dressed up in fancy clothes.

This year, being on a Monday, I am feeling a little of that desperation from my first year in New York, though I'm sure it's not warranted. I wish I had students to have a party with. :) Though this year I have a husband to celebrate with! We'll go to dinner and try to celebrate with friends later in the week.

But let's get to the fun part--the recap!

Since my last birthday, I:

--visited a new country

--got engaged

--planned a wedding,

--got married,

--left teaching,

--took some photo classes,

--bought a bicycle,

--tried some new foods

--bought a new camera

--got a new computer!

Quite a journey, eh? Wonder what will happen in the next twelve months?

This year we didn't have to move, thank goodness; we're still in the fantastic apartment we found last summer with gorgeous views like this. I wonder if we'll be in a new city when I turn 32 or 33?


Schoolgal said...

Many happy returns. You've come a long way since your 25th!! The adventure will continue.

Mei said...

Happy Birthday! You had a busy year!

I hope the next year is maybe less eventful? But definitely less stressful :)

J said...

thanks ladies! it has really been a crazy journey. :)
Mei, now that I'm not teaching, even though there's a lot going on now, I don't feel "stress" because it's so much less than teaching, you know? :)