Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring, etc

At the beginning of the month, I wanted to make some cupcakes. I agonized over which recipes to use, settling on this sour cream recipe from smitten kitchen for the cupcakes, and this easy chocolate frosting recipe from Martha Stewart.

With this baking attempt, I learned the hard way that creaming butter and sugar does *not* mean beating them together, so the cupcakes were a little grainy. I don't like sour cream, and I've never made anything with it before, so I was a little skeptical. But I hoped that it would make it creamy and moist, and I do want to try new things. Unfortunately, the taste to me was a little weird, though other people seemed to like them okay.

The frosting, though! Oh, that frosting...I may or may not have eaten a few bites straight from a spoon. It's super simple, mostly butter, which explains why it's so freaking delicious. This is now my go-to frosting. I dipped apples in it, I dipped banana in it. It would be gorgeous on strawberries. Or cookies or ice cream or anything you want. YUM.

Last weekend I decided I needed to make something. Since I bought a Giant Bag of Chocolate Chips at Costco, it was time for another batch of Nestle Tollhouse cookies. Thankfully, mine and the husband's colleagues ate most of the cookies so I didn't have to. (Of course, I had plenty of dough while getting ready to bake...)

Last night I really wanted something cakey, but I didn't want to bake an entire thing. So instead I heated up a treat I've been saving in the freezer for awhile: Trader Joe's Chocolate Lava Cake. Diviiiiiiine.

In weather news, check it out:

The weather is slowly but surely improving; Friday was absolutely glorious! Today, the first day of spring (!), is in the 40s. But the overall trend is definitely going the right way.

I went for a bike ride to book club! Can't wait for real biking weather!

Did you see last night's "Supermoon"?

I've done three photo shoots within the past week. I still have some editing/processing to do for two of them. I love being out and about trying to take good portraits. I really want to do more!

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