Monday, March 28, 2011

for the record

I had a really nice day today and I felt like I should record it.

I got up early (which no, is not very nice), and went to the office for awhile. Have I mentioned that it's really sweet being part-time and having so much flexibility? Plus working with awesome and funny people? It's pretty awesome. I'm hoping to talk to them about going full-time. Which would cut down on the sleeping in, but would help my bank account actually grow, instead of lose money, like it has for the past three months. And the work itself is pretty fun.

The transportation gods were smiling on me today too--all four trains I took today arrived within a minute.

The perk of going in so early was that I did a lot of work and still had lots of afternoon daylight left. So I went to the nearby park for some pictures, which were a bit chilly at times, but jumping always warms me up a little.

Other random good news--my knees have been backing off lately, though my feet show no signs of stopping their aches. This makes for a much better jumping experience! On the way back to the train, I swear that I felt a few moments of almost warmth, when the wind wasn't blowing.

Anyway, I still got home before 4, and at 5 I went to the gym! Two days after my last trip! And it felt great! Other than a few knee twinges on the elliptical, my muscles were feeling the burn and feeling strong. I love that slight bit of soreness after a workout, just enough to feel them and know that you pushed them.

After an hour at the gym, and running an errand I've been meaning to take care of for a few days, I still had plenty of time for some snacks and some television. I made some weekend plans, and just now we *finally* got the last of our honeymoon arrangements made! Well, the ones we'll do from here, at any rate.

So again, it's been a good day. I hope you've had a good Monday. For you teachers, only a few weeks til spring break!!

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