Saturday, October 15, 2011

some progress

First, apropos of nothing: here's an adorable kitty we saw today!

We also found a gorgeous, ridiculously cushy sofa...but we're not sure it will fit through the door. With the door on, there's an extra quarter inch of theoretical space. Do you think that will work?

Apropos of the title: a few months ago, I posted about some of my magazines and teacher stuff, how I have too much of it, what to do with it. I did end up posting on freecycle and craigslist. Even though I had a handful of responses, nothing worked out. So the bags continued to sit in the hallway.

A few weeks ago, in a fit of fall-cleaning pique, I re-listed them on craigslist and freecycle. Once again, I got a bunch of responses and then no one actually wrote back after a second email! What is wrong with people? Happily, the last responder, from craigslist, did write back and though it took a few days, they actually picked up the magazines as well as some of the fun stuff (a few workbooks, some BrainQuest, a MadLibs or two, etc).

I was still left with two bags of test prep materials. I kept thinking that someone could use it, and there must be a way to find that someone. Teachers need stuff! Kids need stuff! Etc!

This week, though, I said eff it, it's time for it to go. And off it went to the recycle bin in the sky! (Or technically, the basement.)

Check out how many paperclips were hiding in the piles of all that paper.

This is a big deal, friends. That shit has been hanging around for months! The floors in our hallway and foyer are clear!

Next up is getting a bag of clothes donated and another bag of clothes to the textile donation.

Recently I've realized that it's October (I remember this at least twice a week), and I've been panicking a bit about my year goals. One of them was to do something about my AmeriCorps ed award. This week I've come up with some practical but also potentially AWESOME plans for it. I need to think more and talk to some people, but ooh, exciting! Sometimes I have a really hard time getting out of my head and out of a rut, so forcing myself to do some new things could be an amazing kick in the ass and in life.


Schoolgal said...


It's been awhile since I checked your blog and glad to see you posting more often.

First, Happy Anniversary!!

Second, from what I have been hearing, teaching today is like being inside a pressure cooker. The fun and creativity are gone and now it's just jump as high as you can to get better test results even if it means not giving these kids a real education. Deserving teachers are no longer awarded tenure while experienced teachers are treated badly. No wonder teachers are not responding to you. Until this ridiculous tide changes, don't even think about going back!

It's good you are finally letting go of the clutter. I recently did some purging too--with the help of an organizer--and now I find I am sleeping a bit better.

Funny, as I was washing dishes last night, I started thinking about you. Your New Year's resolution from many years ago was about washing dishes every single night. Now my body automatically washes the dishes by 8pm!! It's like a little alarm goes off inside of me even if I am tired.

Glad to see you are still baking and going away on long weekends :)


J said...

Thanks so much! I love that you're still so good at dishes...I often forget. :) Good for you fighting the clutter--I am loving the new emptiness! But goodness, I still have so much to do--everywhere I turn there's more STUFF! Argh.

I'm definitely not going back to teaching in NYC! So much unnecessary BS. But I *might* consider it if we move somewhere else.