Friday, December 23, 2011

another goal--check!

This week I did something I have been meaning to do for some time: I used my AmeriCorps voucher to sign up for a class!

A few years ago I realized that I should probably learn Spanish (I have an unofficial minor in French). I never got around to it, it wasn't a priority, etc. However, my education award expires in June, which is a good motivator to use at least a little. So I registered for a short Spanish course at a CUNY school's continuing education program!

It's kind of a test to start with. Both to see if I like the class and can learn, and also if I can handle working with a twice-weekly evening class.

It's not a huge commitment, only a month or so, and it's not like I have high expectations. But it's exciting to have the prospect of working on a new skill, especially one that will be so useful in the real world.

If it goes well, there are more sessions in the semester that I'll take, as well as some kind of accounting short course for a possible photo business future.

This was on my list of goals for 2011, and one that I wasn't sure I'd follow through on. So I am proud of myself and excited for a new challenge!

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