Tuesday, December 20, 2011

making a difference!

Wow, I loved your thoughtful comments!

I think it's good to re-assess every once in awhile, because I think that most of us mean well, but somehow we just don't always get around to doing what we know we can.

Teacher Gardener, I love that you get your students involved! I think it is so important to get kids involved early and often. They will surely remember your projects for years to come and become more worldly citizens!

Nancy, I know what you mean--finding time can be difficult! And I don't even have any kids. Right now I'm working six days a week...I'm not sure if I have much time either. But yes, if you find something fun, let me know! How about next week?

Rabi, it is that you give so much--that's incredible! Many of us (like me) don't often walk the walk, but you are. Way to go! Do you support one organization every year or have you been giving to the same charity for six whole years? Either way, that really does add up!

Also, the day after I posted that, I saw this book in the airport bookshop: Give a Little

The back blurb is a pretty much a direct answer to everything I said in that other post. :) I can't wait to read it!

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