Sunday, December 04, 2011

field trips!

Tomorrow morning I'll leave for a three-day trip to Georgia, a state I haven't been to before. I get to rent a car and I'll drive around and explore a bit when I'm not working. I'm really excited! I love visiting new places and getting to eat out and running errands easily with a car if needed.

I just borrowed a big stack of books from a friend (I guess I'll have to choose two to take), plus I downloaded the Mindy Kaling audiobook, plus I'll take my Sudoku book, plus of course a knitting project. And...maybe a Netflix movie to watch at the hotel.

Think of the potential photo opportunities in a brand new place! And I like getting to work with schools too--I've had really good experiences working with teachers in other states thus far.

Next week I get to go back to Florida to meet with my colleagues!

Work trips are my favorite way of pretending to be a grown up. :)

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