Friday, July 06, 2012

Careful what you wish for

I meant to write in June--even started a post! only as far as the title, but still--but things were still just too busy.

In May, of course, we had our beautiful Central Europe adventure (which I still owe y'all photos for...), but other than that, I had ONE day off (yes, including weekends) for the entire month. I was so exhausted.

Then at the end of May, we got bad news about the company--it's going under. We had a big event to do in mid-June, which went very well. But since then, nada. This week included my last official day.

So now I have nothing but free time!

I'm bummed that I won't have an income--in only six months I adjusted very quickly to having a regular salary! I must have bought at least 20 books, I think nine in January alone!

But...dude, I love sleeping in. I've been pretty good about finding things to do, though I think that's gonna run out here soon. There are plenty of things to tidy and organize around our apartment, that's for sure!

In fact, on Wednesday I tackled the biggest one: the bathroom closet. There are five shelves, and they were all full of crap. Every once in a while I would go in and organize bits and pieces into bins, but it would quickly devolve back into chaos.

So after a few weeks of deciding to do it but dithering, I finally took the plunge and emptied the entire thing, wiped down the shelves, and went through all of that crap.

It took awhile, but it was easy to throw away or put aside for giveaway a lot of the crap I've been holding on to for no reason at all. Then with a vastly reduced amount of stuff, it was easy to organize better. For example, there's a bin of all medicine-type stuff, a bin of my cleanser stuff, two ziploc bags of travel-sized things, etc.

It feels SO much better--to know that I got rid of a bunch of useless junk that I never used or had almost used up (I guess that was a frugal habit? I thought I might finish it or need it later?), and to see the shelves that are not full, and that are neatly organized. I know where things are, and I made sure to give Mister Melancholy a "tour" of the new and improved closet as well. He was always asking where certain things were in there, which annoyed me. He should know where bandaids and extra soap are! But to be fair, one had to dig around a lot of other crap to find where those things were. So now it's all clear and clean and organized and happy!

(I took a before picture, but a) my memory card ate it and b) it was probably too embarrassing to post anyway!)

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