Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Blah blah blah

Totally procrastinating right now. Am uploading pictures to an online storage site instead of studying for my final on Thursday. Hee hee, I am a bad student this week. I got all my good habits exhausted last week.

Last night I did a tiny bit of reading/reviewing for the final, but then I went to bed. AT 9:15 PM. That's right. Woo! And it would have been so much better if some asshole wasn't playing loud music from 11-2AM. Selfish bastard. There was way loud music playing all Saturday night too, it was like a nightmare for me.

So today is Tuesday. Two more days of class! A week and a half left of summer school and FA! Wow!

Today I did some teaching, about swamps. It was kind of fun. The kids got all into it. I 'taught' about the difference between turtles and tortoises, and blurbs about black bears and reptiles. One student was like, "it's like you're a science teacher." Heh.

I'm sure that I should talk about more stuff, or more interesting stuff, or be all introspective and shit. I've actually gotten back into the journaling habit, now that so much is going on. Not that like writing is any more revealing or gripping. Now I just have a place to complain about what an ugly loser I am.

I have to get working on finding real housing. Which brings me to the question, do I go the expensive and lonely route, finding a studio or 1-bedroom? Or do I bite the bullet and take a chance on sharing with a complete stranger but saving money? Either way, I pray that I have enough money for it all, and I absolutely cannot WAIT until I have internet access all the time. Also, I am trying to not worry about having hardly any possessions or furniture or other important whatnot.

Oh, and the weekend? Really, I am a loser. I did leave the house, but only to the library on Saturday morning, and to do some errand/walking on Sunday. Saw no one, left a lot of voice mails for friends. I have no social life. I have to keep reminding myself that it's supposedly normal for new transplants to NYC. Plus, this coming year, there will be no time for socializing. But I really wish I had a social life to neglect, instead of no social life to miss, you know?

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