Thursday, July 08, 2004

A very full six days since the last post!

Hi, all. Look at me, pretending I have an audience. How precious.

So. It's been a busy week. Actually, it started with the weekend. Friday was indeed very productive, and I'm still proud of that. The rest of the weekend I had vowed to be a good girl and do my homework and get caught up, and not do it all the last minute. Which I sort of accomplished; I worked on papers and some reading on Sunday and finished up on Monday. But early Monday, no late night frantic finishing of things. So good for me.

I got to be social over the weekend, sort of. I hung out with my former teammate and a couple of his friends. I had a really good time. Especially when we played frisbee in Central Park, and also watched the fireworks from the rooftop terrace in Battery Park.

On Tuesday, New York public summer school began. We Fellows began our new schedule, reporting at our summer placement school at 8-noon, and then doing our courses in the afternoon/early evening.

I have to go now, the library is closing, those insensitive bastards, but I will add more tomorrow I think. Hope you all had a nice Independence Day, etc.

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