Friday, July 02, 2004

Hurrah for public libraries!

Today is Friday. It is the end of our second week of pre-service training. I have a list of things to do and errands to run today. So far I am almost finished.

Did you know that the post office will only keep domestic parcels for ten days? I know this because it has been eleven days since my box of books arrived in New York. Now it is on its merry media-mail way back to Renton. I hope that when it arrives at my mom's house, she will send it out here again. Someday I will see that box again.

I visited the infamous 65 Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn after the post office adventure. It is a large, intimidating structure housing the entire Department of Education. Or maybe it's the Board of Education. I had thought that the latter was the newest name for the former, but perhaps they are indeed two separate bureaucratic entities. Who is John Galt?

And most recently, I found the Leonard branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. The Marcy branch is closer but according to the website is also closed for renovation. This one is still an easy walk. I found 'regular' books to read, plus a children's poetry book for my literacy assignment due on Tuesday, and another children's book called "Punctuation Takes a Vacation," for another assignment due on Tuesday.

Last night was wonderful. Once I got home at 7.30, I just sat in front of the TV with a book and the A/C going. I did no homework. No reading of a boring textbook, no writing. I enjoyed it. And this morning I slept an extra hour, all the way until 8.30.

It's 2.45 now. Once I am done here, I will pick up my three rolls of film at the Walgreen's down the street from my place. I shall also find some food, as I have only consumed a fruit/granola bar so far today. My stomach is telling me to eat up. Yum, yum.

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