Thursday, June 01, 2006

Congratulations to me!

This morning I attended the commencement exercises for my grad school. Technically I graduate in the summer, since I still have to take another class that starts next week. But they let us walk anyway. Only about five of my cohort classmates were there, but it was a relief to see familiar, friendly faces.

The ceremony itself was kind of blah. One of the Senators spoke briefly; his theme was "Go For It!." Also, Canadian military guy spoke. He'd been involved in the Rwanda 'peacekeeping' efforts, and his theme/motto was that "All humans are human. No one person is more human than another." I definitely agree, and there are definitely lots of thoughts and analysis to be done with the statement. If anyone wants to get started, go ahead. :)

The other reason I'm congratulating myself (Note to Universe: Don't worry, this is not hubris, this is merely celebration) is the math. My online math course has now gone for about a week. As you recall, the first chapter homework and quiz was due on Friday. Chapter 2 homework and quiz was due yesterday, Wednesday. Not wanting to break my productive streak last week, not only did I complete my report cards on Monday morning--two days early--but I also did three of the five chapter two sections!

Yesterday evening, I got home at 6pm. The internet was down! I could not deal and I was trying not to freak out when I remembered the rest of the math was due. Eek! Thankfully, around 9pm it came back on and I got right to work. I completed the last of the homework sections and then I took the quiz. Sadly, I only got 11/13. But that's a solid B that's mixed with my chapter 1 100%.

Today was Test #1! I just finished it. It was thirty questions and I got four wrong. I wish I knew how to review the answers so I could 'fix' it in my head and not get them wrong anymore. But anyway, that's still an 86% on the test. With the homework, quizzes and test, my grade is currently an 89%! That is pretty great for someone who hasn't gotten an A in math since eighth grade. PLUS, the two lowest quiz grades and the one lowest test score will be dropped. So things are looking good indeed!

My mom arrived safely last night. I was so excited to show off my awesome apartment (the rest of you will be seeing it in a couple weeks!), and she indeed loves it and is so impressed with the size of it and the furnishing that I've done. Hurrah!

In an hour or so, we're going into the city for dinner at a new restaurant. Fun times for celebration!


Schoolgal said...

Congrats! Hope you got the day off with pay.

Nancy said...

Mazel tov! And wait until you get your retro pay when you submit the papers for your salary bump! double happiness!

Jacob said...

Romeo Dallaire?

Mr. Lawrence said...

Congratulations! But be grateful neither of your speakers were Montel Williams, who spoke at my college Commencement. The guy was a windbag, and basically his entire speech was dedicated to criticizing we 'rich kids' for keeping the rest of the world under our feet.

The following year my college had Kurt Vonnegut ... I felt so ripped off.