Thursday, June 08, 2006


I have--we all have--been really spoiled by once-weekly classes at grad school. Tonight I had to go there AGAIN! Ugh!

As soon as I got home after our professional development-type day, I did my math homework (the second time that I've got it done a day BEFORE it's due! Look at me!). It was not easy. Monday I did logic, and that was all new and strange to me, so I had to really concentrate on it. This time it was number representation, like using other systems (Babylonian or Mayan) and using different bases. I went with it pretty well until I got the part about using division. Problems were like "Change the numeral 362 into base seven." You had to use the calculations for exponents of seven and divide the 362 by the largest seven exponent, and then keep dividing remainders by the next seven exponent. I did NOT get it and got a bit frustrated. Somehow I followed along with the examples and got it done, and it started being slightly less mysterious. But still.

Oh, and I got 9/10 on the logic quiz, but a mere 21/25 on the logic exam. They said two were incomplete? That was weird. Anyway.

So right after finishing the crazy number stuff, I had to leave for class. I was kinda hungry and just not in the mood to be in class. Then I got there and people were all cliquey and chatty and talking about things that were not relevant to the class subject matter. Gah! Shut up already so we can leave!

Sitting in one class for three hours is NOT cool. In undergrad, all my classes were two hours, and I could hardly deal with those. That's why I always had snacks or doodled or something. But three hours? Yikes.

I have said absolutely nothing of value or interest just now. Sorry about that.

Here you go: Less than three weeks of school (teaching)!! Hurrah!


jd2718 said...

362/7 = 51 remainder 5
51 / 7 = 7 remainder 2
7 / 7 = 1 remainder 0
1 / 7 = 0 remainer 1

so 362 base 10 = 1025 base 7 (read the remainders up the list)

Anonymous said...

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A Bronx Teacher