Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Friday Night, and I have a whole summer-long weekend

It's still weird.

Right now I've sort-of adjusted to not being in school because it feels like a weekend. So roundabout next week things will get strange-feeling again. Find out more in this funny and true post.

On Wednesday afternoon, at least partly to distract me from teaching thoughts, I took my online math final. I am proud to report that I scored 38/40! Along with my other scores, that means I will receive an A in math for the first time in eighth grade....fitting because this class was about on that level. Nice. And I'm done with math, for reals now!

Four more classes of grad school left, too. Wow. Yet another thing to get used to is never having to be in class again. And not seeing all my fellow Fellows. It's been TWO YEARS! People in my group have gotten engaged, married, and had children. And every new semester we catch up on life and teaching. We have shared learning, annoyance, and plenty of laughter. There are a lot of really good people in my program. And I'll never see them again, I suppose.

I've been devouring books like a...thirsty person drinks water. Uhh, I suppose I better add "work on figurative language in the blog" to my list of summer to-dos. In the last ten days I've read nine books! It's been fantastic to lose myself in novels instead of school matters. Recently I got hooked on Donna Andrews' fun mystery series. Today I started another Christopher Moore novel. His book Lamb is one of my most favoritest books, and one of the funniest I've ever read. It's way up there in a tight cluster along with A Prayer for Owen Meany (by the inimitable John Irving) and Ordinary People (Judith Guest) on my Top Books of All Time list. Go read them all, and recommend your favorites. (I am intrigued by this "Bookshelf" blog site thing, and may make one of my own soon.)

My legs have been really achy the last couple days. It feels like growing pains, except more in the muscle instead of deep in the bone. And it hurts and I like to whine. Last night it was my right leg hurting. Starting early this morning and getting worse the longer I was on my feet today, my left leg hurts. Boo hoo, waah, etc etc.

This afternoon I attended a teacher event. I will, I hope, write a separate post about it very soon. In the meantime, it was fun to meet pre-service teachers and meet other teachers who want to help new teachers.

I'm going away on Sunday, for two days to Philadelphia for the Fourth. I'm excited for my first trip of the summer! It will be extra special.

Have you ever had a mojito? It's a yummy cocktail involving mint leaves, sugar cubes, lime, rum and soda water. Did I mention the yummy? I keep looking forward to having one (...or three) at the weekends during happy hour. Sadly, that has yet to actually happen. Teachers, shall we arrange something?


ms. frizzle said...

I'd be up for a happy hour after the 19th, when I get back from India, and especially if someone else organizes it! :-) Mojitos are awesome.

30sumthingtwilight said...

It's that empty feeling of having no students to look forward to as I end my first year of teaching that would allow me to have ONE, well, maybe three, mojitos... I will be here in my pajamas until July 20th. I will be back the 23rd until August 1st.. then out until we go back. Let's plan a hook up! Well, not in the student sense of hook up---oh, the students.. do you think they miss me?

jonathan said...

If you organize a happy hour, let me know... some weekend mid-summer?