Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Totally Made My Week

You know what the girls from Class 3 did? The ones who hang out in my room at lunch and help me with things and give me their tater tots? They planned a surprise party for me, for a week. It happened today at lunch, and I really had no idea.

They pulled me into another teacher's room and yelled, "Surprise!" They were all there, with a table piled with goodies--beverages, chips, cookies, donuts, even a little cake with "Congrats Ms --." Decorated balloons were strewn around, and crepe paper streamers, and there was a message written on the board. Someone also bought a tshirt from my college, and they all signed it.

I was so touched! It was really so, so sweet. I gave them a big group hug and took pictures. SO adorable. They like me, they really like me! Aww!

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Lady S said...

My last day of student teaching was the day before my birthday. I had just spent 7 weeks with the 18 best second graders ever (10th graders now!). I like birthdays, so I mentioned mine was coming.

I went to pick them up from music (the teacher was also a parent of boys I had taught in both placements) they all yelled "Surprise!" They had planned a party for me with food, presents, and a cake. They sang for me and all gave me hugs. I still have some of the little things they gave me. It was great.