Thursday, February 07, 2008

more randomosity from my brain

  • I hate the way Oprah cuts to commercials, all jarringly and way too often.

  • I've realized that I am way too susceptible to suggestion. When watching Top Model, I feel fat. When watching What Not to Wear, I fix my closet. When watching "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?" on Oprah, I pick up tidbits on my floor.

  • And we really need to stop some of this food advertising. Did I tell you guys about the kid who tried to insist that PopTarts were healthy breakfast food because they have fruit in them?! I want to tell them, if you take a piece of poo and roll it in oats, does it become healthy food? Sheesh.

  • The other night I couldn't sleep, so the next evening I took one of my old sleeping pills. But I stayed up too long and watched American Idol. I don't actually remember it, but I do remember asking myself if it was Twin Audition Day on the show, because everyone had a little carbon copy in front of them. Also there were six judges of various size and there was a second tv screen coming out of the real screen. It was really freaking trippy, man.

  • Last night on American Idol (I'll watch audition shows of anything), when Simon said in his precious accent, "I'm going to steal your dog," I kind of loved him.

  • Stephen Colbert might be replacing Jon Stewart as my tv husband.

  • Where do regular people store their balance balls? Mine used to be trapped in the closet (ha!) but right now it's on top of an upside down chair. Is there a normal resting place that I just don't know about?

  • Sourdough bread just can't be beat.

  • I look through a camera viewfinder with my left eye. I realized a couple weeks ago that I'm probably the only one. Am I a freak? Do you all look with your right eye?

  • Hm, I think need more chocolate in my kitchen.

  • The other day I saw something that was up in April 2008. I thought to myself, oh, that's not til next year! Something like half an hour later, I realized that it *is* 2008. Ten minutes ago I remembered that it's already the second *month* of 2008!


rachie said...

I saw a thing in a magazine (Self? maybe?) for a frame with wheels and a chair back that you put your balance ball in.
voila! a chair for when you're not exercising.

not that I have one, or room for one...

17 (really 15) more years said...

Those are not random thoughts- that's the great thinking that is done at 3 am.

boyfriend said...

I look through the camera viewfinder with my left eye, too! :)

Not Quite Grown Up... said...

I look through cameras with my left eye, too.

Anonymous said...

Left eye (though I am right-handed). But these days I don't use the viewfinder.


ms. v. said...

what's a viewfinder? LOL