Monday, February 18, 2008

stupid and random

So...apparently this is Monday? We have no school this week, so I wouldn't know.

It's not even 10.30 and I can hardly keep my eyes open. And I didn't get up until ten this morning. Why the hell am I so tired already?

I went to two medical places today, which means I had a lot of down time. I read a book but didn't work on photos at all.

I had two phone interviews today, and one last Friday. Cross your fingers for me.

I think I forgot to have dinner, so I had some ice cream.

Tomorrow I have to get up to move my car and will make myself go somewhere interesting to take photos. As long as I won't have to walk much.

I miss my boyfriend. a lot.

this post should self destruct in three seconds.




Mintyfresh said...

It was a weird day all around. I overslept, waking up at 11. So how's the ankle?

jd2718 said...

Bad day to tag you, I guess?