Friday, March 21, 2008

gimme some green, baby

So in the next couple months, the government will be returning a couple thousand of my hard-earned dollars. I've got an intense internal debate going on about what to do with it. Have a listen.

Sensible Me: "Put it all in savings! Max out your Roth IRA contribution from last year! You'll need the money when you're old."

Shopper Me: "Naw, I'll never be old. I'll just keep it in checking and not worry about spending. I need some new clothes anyway!"

Photographer Me: "Clothes, schmothes. Who cares what you wear? BUY A DSLR, STUPID!!!"

More Sensible Photographer Version of Me: "Too much money gone at once! Buy a zoom lens for the film camera!"

Hardcore Photographer Me: "That thing is a piece of crap and you want a DSLR anyway. Save the hundred bucks and BUY A REAL CAMERA!"

Wanderlust Me: "Um, hello? No point in any camera at all if you're sitting at home all the time. Get out and GO somewhere!"

Maploving Me: "But to where? Glacier? Alaska?"

Passport-Stamp-Seeking Me: "Pshaw. The US is for sissies. Go to Patagonia! Or Peru! Or Vienna! Or Cinque Terre!"

Hardcore Photographer Me: "Are y'all high? Why go to an amazing place without an amazing camera?! BUY A CAMERA, DUMBASS!"

Travel-lovah Me: "But waaah, I haven't gone anywhere. If I buy a camera then I'm wiped out and can't travel!"

Realist Photographer Me: "And there's no reason to go somewhere incredible with a good camera if you don't know how to USE it, or understand how to make good pictures. Take another class or something."

Fit-Conscious Me: "Speaking of classes, get your lazy ass a trainer. Jeez."

Pennypinching Me: "Earn interest, use it later! BANK! SAVINGS!!"

Tired of Hearing Voices Me: "Shut up, all you troublemakers. I can't do anything with it at all. I'll need it for bills soon anyway. I hate decisions. Go away!"


Jen said...

The voices in your head are hilarious!

(Seriously, GREAT post!)

17 (really 15) more years said...

LMAO- too many decisions to make, so little time!

I love money. Save it. You never know- you might find a new job somewhere far from here, and you'll need it for moving expenses.

East Coast Teacher said...

If I'd actually gotten a sizable refund this year, I was planning to splurge a little, put a good chunk towards my loans, and put the rest in savings.

However, I wasn't able to do any of the above.

Next year, the same will apply, with some reserved for traveling, as well, because right now, I have insatiable wanderlust and zero money with which to cure it :(

dramamath said...

Now, if you have four kids, you could get a really huge refund, and still not be able to spend it because of daycare, doctor's visits, food they won't eat...sigh...

Ms. M said...

I say TRAVEL. But when? Isn't your summer sort of accounted for?