Tuesday, March 04, 2008

minor miracle

Two, actually.

One: I *wanted* to stay after school today! I need to work on finding/selecting read alouds and I didn't have enough time on my prep today.

Two: I had to leave right away though because of a doctor appointment. I got to the office right at the appointment time and settled in with a book. Usually I'm in the waiting room for nearly an hour. So color me shocked when I was all done--out the door--in a mere twenty minutes! Good job, doctor down the block!


And now a query/ponderance. Tomorrow I should really make an effort to take some pictures for this week's assignment--bracketing f-stops. This is the technical stuff that I signed up for a class to learn and practice, so bad job me for not practicing yet this week. But I don't know where to go. I've gone to the park the last two weekends and it's boring, and empty too. I want to practice candids and other movement-type shots. Probably not a good idea to go all the way into the city for that, so should I just get in the car and drive again? Hm.

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