Thursday, March 06, 2008

Great Debates

So I have plenty of time where I don't work--ie, the whole day after school is over--but days like today make up for it. I worked solidly from 7.30 until almost 3.30. On my two preps I graded papers and snacked. Perhaps this is why I keep forgetting what day it is. Most of the day I thought it was Wednesday (is it? oh crap), and driving home I would have sworn it was Friday.

This week I've gotten a bit behind on homework, because my classes increased by nearly fifty percent, and also because there's been 98% of the assignments turned in. (Yay!) That means each pile is nearly one hundred papers. (Boo.) By the end of the day I was caught up to yesterday's, but then I gave a quiz, so I've got two piles waiting for me at school. Bleh. I'll catch up during the Big You Know What next week.

Anyway, we've been discussing newspaper editorials, so I've been having the kids write some editorials about issues close to their hearts--but with a twist. They had to write for both sides of the argument. First was about candy and soda in schools, and next was whether homework should be assigned every night. There are some very amusing bits and pieces from them, so I thought I'd share some with you!

"First of all kids do enough work at school and when they get home they are tired and they just fell like laying down and watching some tv and playing some video games. They also feel like laying down on the couch and reading a book. That is why I think kids should not get home work every night."

"I also think that we shouldn't get homework every night because when we get a lot of homework teachers act like there's never a tomorrow. And by the way I'm sorry for what I just said but it's the truth."

"Homework always makes you aware of things that can happen in the real world, and when you get older.
Homework just makes us knowledgeable. Homework isn't really a problem, because it is easy easy as a matter of fact. Sometimes it's even fun. The trick is, is to focus and pay attention in class because the homework you get is related to the classwork."

"Also is that we might have a stomach ace or a headace then our head would hurt more because they are thinking about when they would have time to do there homework."

"Yes you will learn more stuff. You will pass tests. You will be smart."

"Also some kids won't do it and fail. So why give us homework if they know we won't do them. It is something we all hated as a child so why not break the cycle. Bad enough we even go to school."

"Sometimes when you see people walking down the street that look like a complete failuer you ask your self why is that man like that, did he achieve or reach the goal of college. does he have a job or did he do any thing in school. To get the grade you gotta get the points you have to put the effort, in classwork and HOMEWORK."

"Teachers usually give us homework based on what we learned in class that day.They don't want us to forget or fail (which to me is very generous). :)
For me if I don't get homework every week I'll 95% forget what I did even the day before. I mean I hardly even remember what I did yesterday (what did i do yesterday?). Yes, sometimes teachers go hard on us with homework but I suppose they don't (at least not all) do it to be mean (I hope)."

"Another lethal issue with homework is that some kids crack and lose their mentality."

And my favorite:

"I'm sure teachers hate paperwork. And if they were in our shoes. They would regret switching shoes. Having paperwork as homework. IF TEACHERS HATE PAPERWORK WHY GIVE IT AWAY!"


X said...

Those are impressive! I like the voice and the humor.

NCavillones said...

OMG. So funny. I was literally LOL.

Anonymous said...

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