Monday, September 08, 2008

stuff and nonsense

One of my favorite songs (Missy Higgins! Go look her up!) and my day.

Strangely, I'm in a pretty good mood, considering that my morning classes sucked and I was at work until 7pm (I should start a count of my twelve-plus-hour days). The other classes got better because an admin was in the room. Hey, I'm cool with that.

I made a lot of copies and tried to make my plans a little more concrete for tomorrow.

This weekend my car was broken into! Fun stuff!

A small window was shattered and a suitcase full of school things was stolen, along with an old candy bar; I guess thievery requires a lot of calories?

What's funny is that I specifically set aside a pile of things that were important enough that needed to go to school and put them in my car instead of the moving van. It was so important that for the life of me I cannot recall what it was. Haha.

My insurance was great. I called them right away and reported it. A claims rep called back within a couple hours and told me that I had 100% glass coverage and that I wouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket at all. It took awhile to drive there and wait, but it looks as good as new and it didn't cost anything (well, other than the thousands I've paid in premiums over the last couple years! :D). Mostly I'm glad it was pretty easy and painless to deal with. And oddly, I wasn't that upset about it. I suppose because nothing valuable was taken? It kind of scares me that my new neighborhood is not nearly as safe as my old one. Not much I can do about it now though.

We made tons of progress on the apartment, getting nearly through the boxes and the big hurdle of organizing the living room. Internet and cable will be hooked up tomorrow, thank goodness. I got some planning work done while doing laundry. Still need more groceries, although I bought a ton of snacks for school at Target. (I'm going to have to give myself a limit on either the number of trips there or the amount of money I can spend there.)

Ho hum, blahblergh, what else? I'm not sure. My toe hurts. Today I wore a skirt. I need to either cut my hair or make it get a lot longer, I don't like it right now. BF just got Rock Band and I really want to see if I can sing in tune--but NOT in the company of anyone else. I miss watching tv, kind of, only certain shows. Don't really have time for much anymore. I hate getting up during the 5am hour. What shall I eat for dinner?

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Schoolgal said...

I was just wondering, is the pay increase worth the hours you are putting in? Discipline doesn't seem any better here. I thought charters had a strict discipline code. Maybe it's too soon to tell, but I hope administration support meets your expectations.

Hope your toe feels better.