Tuesday, February 03, 2009


So yeah, unemployment is kinda tough, and it kinda sucks.

That first week I had a handful of interviews and responses, but since then it's been really sparse. I send out a dozen resumes a day and I'm not getting anything. Yesterday I had some potential photo leads, which are exciting. Of course, I still need a real, regular job to pay bills and such. Today, after a somewhat disastrous interview, I revised my resume, which I hope will at least garner a few callbacks....someday.

It's kind of ridiculous that being a teacher for five years holds absolutely no weight in the outside world. I have half a mind to leave it off my resume altogether, because maybe the hiring people think I'm still trying to be one? It's just a distraction. I don't have impressive numbers to throw around that mean anything, like increasing sales ten percent or initiating a new marketing campaign. How do I convince potential employers that I'm actually smart and I promise I can do whatever you ask? How do I convince them that I'm okay with taking a forty percent pay cut and going back to entry-level office grunt work? I'm smart, dammit--hire me! I can do great work for you! Give me a chance!

Even after sleeping for ten hours, today I am exhausted. Maybe it's because I actually exercised yesterday but drank no water? My whole mood, as you can tell, has been pretty bleak.

At least the snow was pretty. I chose to walk home instead of taking the bus, so I could walk and enjoy it. (And get a little free exercise to loosen up my sore muscles.)


Andy Jacob said...

I think you basically have to say in your interviews, "I'm smart, dammit--hire me! I can do great work for you! Give me a chance!"

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

If you keep taking photos like these during your "down time," you'll have quite an impressive portfolio! Someday, somewhere, the right job offer will come along. In the meantime, keep hitting the streets with your camera. You have an excellent eye!

Melanie Jane said...

Wow! Amazing photos, especially the snowy avenue. I am a teacher in New Zealand, wish you all the best in your quest for the next adventure.