Monday, February 16, 2009

How Time Does Fly

A year ago during February break, I started looking for a new teaching job.

If you know me in real life, you may remember another exciting thing that week.

My life could not be more different this year. I would never EVER have guessed I'd be unemployed, and I would never have guessed that my photos would be published in a newspaper, either.

I'm having a great time with the photography stuff this month. I really hope that it leads to more in the coming months.

As for a full-time paying job, my camera won't be doing that for me anytime soon. I might have to go buy the Secret or something and start Visualizing Success. People say, 'Oh, it's only been a month.' 'Oh, something will come along.' 'Things will work out.' But in this economy, I don't think that's as assured as it might have been at another time. I've registered with three different temp agencies and have yet to hear a single peep from any of them. I've applied to dozens of jobs that I'm qualified or overqualified for. Most of my inquiries/applications have not had any responses.
If anyone knows of a school that would definitely hire a sub, I would love to hear from you.

I certainly want things to work out--I want to find a job that's interesting, fulfilling, and allows me to afford my modest lifestyle. I just hope that there's one out there, and the position can be funded.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Don't worry I'm sure you will going to find the perfect job for you.
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17 (really 15) more years said...

Jules- e-mail me to the address on my blog- I have a few schools who are always looking for good, reliable subs.

Ms. George said...

Unfortunately, we outside of the City are about to lay off anywhere from 30-60 people. I may be one of them if I'm not high enough on the food chain, and I've been there for over six years.
How about NC? My sister loves it and her area (outside of Charlotte) lovely. SC is also always looking for good teachers.

rabi said...

a) have you applied for unemployment? I don't know how much your charter school paid but if it's anything like public school pay I bet you could get about $400 a week on unemployment. if you're not already.

b) do you want to know about any of the ed-related job opportunities I get notice of through TC? I'm constantly deleting emails about various school based jobs. no sub stuff, but not all permanent either. email me (rabi at wockerjabby) if you're interested.

NYC Educator said...

Probably one of the reasons charters "counsel" people out of their jobs is to avoid paying unemployment. The idea of subbing for a little extra cash is a good one, though, if you don't find it too upsetting.

Me said...

Hi J., I stumbled upon your blog somehow and have read a few entries. I like your writing style. I believe we are about the same age, and both looking for a fulfilling career. I have my own blog about my Quarter Life Crisis. I hope you'll check it out. Best of luck to you! -twentysomething