Monday, February 07, 2011

A children's literature legend

Brian Jacques (sounds like Jakes) passed away this weekend.

I never read the Redwall series, but I knew about it, saw other kids reading it here and there.

I had the fortune of seeing him speak at the NCTE Conference that I volunteered at a few years ago. He was really funny and charming. Later, I bought a few of the (many) Redwall books, which he signed.

The signed copy of Redwall was in my classroom library last year and of course, one of my lowest readers took it home and never brought it back. Alas.

But I also bought a copy of the graphic novel version. And then I bought two more, because the boys in my class were almost fighting over whose turn it was to read it! By the end of the year I'm pretty sure at least one copy had disappeared altogether.

So if you are a teacher of reluctant boy readers, do yourself and them a favor and get that graphic novel and get them hooked!

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Teachinfourth said...

I was really bummed a few years ago when Bill Peet of my favorite children's book artist/authors of all time. I know how you feel.