Saturday, February 26, 2011

Personal Goals #14, 15, 16, 17, Couple goals #5, 7

14: Exercise at least once a week. (stickers)

Success! For eight weeks! And really that was a continuation from December. Overall last fall I did a pretty good job of going once a week too (though there were several times when I got too busy or sick or hurt-y though).
Speaking of hurt-y, my knees are once again acting up. A few weeks ago they started aching a lot again, out of the blue. A little over a week ago, they started just plain hurting, pretty bad. This week I wasn't sure if I would be able to do much or if I should. But I ended up doing 20 minutes on the elliptical after all. (With some definite hurt/ache after I got home.)

15: Blog once a week. ("B")

I haven't necessarily had much to say, or anything at all (photo post), but I've been trying to stay in the habit of posting regardless. I actually have several things I've been wanting to post for awhile, I just haven't gotten around to it. Someday I might! :)

16. Post on photo blog more than once a month. ("P")

Last week I shot my first maternity session, which was fun! I just posted a 'sneak peek' shot and will do more next week. Another goal which I apparently forgot to write down was to do a photoshoot once a month. I was unable to do one in January because of the weather. There are three people I've been in contact with, trying to arrange shoots. Without a studio though, I'm at the mercy of Mother Nature.

I am SO THRILLED that the weather is definitely getting milder. I can't wait to see signs of spring, and get out there and shoot!

17. Return Netflix after three weeks no matter what.
Started out with a fail on this one, as I had the same three movies for most of January. But this month I've been better. I just have to be honest with myself about what I will actually watch--those Serious Dramas and/or Thrillers are just going to sit there, so I may as well not even pretend, and just leave them out of my queue to begin with. If it's a movie that I'd wanted to see in theaters, or a silly rom-com that I would have been embarrassed to see in the theaters, then that's what I'll actually watch. :)

5. Try one new restaurant a month.


In January we tried an Italian place in our neighborhood. It had tasty food and this very yummy chocolate cake.
In February we tried a diner, also in our neighborhood. (One always needs to know good diners!) This one was only ok.

7. Live entertainment/culture activity every two months.

On Valentine's Day weekend, we did a Watson Adventure scavenger hunt, about chocolate in Soho. We saw some new places (including the real, original Ray's Pizza) and learned some interesting things about NYC. We had to buy treats at a certain number of places along the way; We only had a few bits of things on the way, and ended completely stuffed. This is what we took home:

On Valentine's Day proper, we saw a show at Upright Citizen's Brigade. Next month, we have tickets to Pete Yorn concert, and a Mike Birbiglia comedy show. We're also hoping to see another Baby Wants Candy show (improvised musical! those people are brilliant!) soon.

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