Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy :)

Did you have a nice Valentine's Day? At the very least I hope you enjoyed an extra snack of candy and/or chocolate!

We decided to see a show at Upright Citizens Brigade and then had a quiet dinner at our favorite Brooklyn burger joint (they have the best curly fries!).

The day after Valentine's Day...

was our six month wedding anniversary!

To celebrate, as you can see, I put my wedding dress on again for a few photos. That was fun. :) I think normal life has too little time in fancy dress! We went out to dinner again, to a local diner we hadn't been to before.

Also, on that day, I got an email from for the occasion. Apparently they have an agenda, or they want us to have one, as the subject read: "Pregnant? New Parent? Trying to Conceive?" Sheesh, subtle much?! No, we are none of the above, but good to know that they're looking out for us, I guess. :)

Our first six months of married life have been pretty quiet, since I didn't have a job for three months and we stayed home at Christmas. But in two months we'll be going on our honeymoon, to the Greek islands! We're hoping for some kind of domestic trip this summer too, either somewhere in the West or taking a road trip down the East Coast. Regardless, I'm confident that there are many adventures yet to come, because I get to spend more time with the best husband ever!


Katie J. said...

Jules, of course you should know that if you opt for the road trip down the East Coast, you're more than welcome to stay with us in Durham, NC. We'd love to show you around!

NCavillones said...

Happy 6 months anniversary! With those e-mails from The Knot, who needs a Jewish Grandmother?! LOL.

Have a great time on your trips! We are also planning a road trip down the East Coast to visit family in Florida, with a stop in Raleigh/Durham, where my cousin lives. See you on the road!