Sunday, May 08, 2011

Almost there

(legendary Santorini sunset)

For you, my teachers, there is but one more week of testing, and then you are free!!

Well, free from testing nonsense, at least. Then you get the pleasure of what, seven more weeks of pointless school? Start planning those field trips--book up June with as much interesting fun as possible! :)

For me, the 'almost there' refers to sort of getting close to caught up with photo stuff. I've got Greece photos up on flickr and out to family, and some up on facebook. I need to put more up on facebook, some on my photo portfolio, and some on my photo blog.

I just finished editing and processing an engagement shoot from last month, and I need to post that. Then I have a maternity shoot to finish processing and post that too.

I possibly have a shoot to schedule this weekend. There are several people I should contact to set up shoots this month.

Of course I would like to put up some photos and stories from our trip on this here neglected blog.

I'm just about caught up with all our tv shows from the past three weeks! I am extra glad that I put my netflix account on hold until later this month, too.

I decided to do another stint of the second job that I did over the winter. It's a shorter time frame and probably less volume per week. It's not the most exciting thing to come home and do more work (see all that photo stuff above), but money is a good thing to have a little extra of.

I have to keep reminding myself that it's a good thing, like mental exercise, to juggle a lot of things, and prioritize, and keep pushing through.

Here's a little taste: a panorama from Santorini, between Fira and Firostefani, looking out onto the caldera. Pretty sweet view, eh?

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Schoolgal said...

Wanted to share this site with you. She is also an amateur photographer working out of the Nashville area.