Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I went to the gym last Thursday and felt half-dead. Even on level 5, the elliptical felt too difficult, but I toughed it out for 22 minutes. I was too tired to do any machines afterward. The scale was at the top end of my normal range.

Tonight, I went again and rocked it out! The elliptical felt its normal levels again and I kept up a good, sweaty pace for 30 minutes. Then I did a circuit of machines and weights, trying to work hard on the reps. I felt great!

Lately I've been feeling squishy and have realized that what they say about metabolism slowing down in your 30s must be true. I felt like my trousers were getting tight and I wasn't feeling good about my body.

But for some reason tonight, while doing handweights in front of the big mirror, my torso looked firm and athletic. Now, I promise you that it's not actually, and I knew that, but I really loved that it looked that way. I looked kind of small in the mirror, or at least smaller than I look in my head. Probably a trick of workout clothes, and willful ignorance of thighs, but it was pretty nice to feel good about my reflection. To get out of my head and try to be more objective. It's got to be healthier.

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