Thursday, May 26, 2011


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! Are you excited for the extra day to relax/sleep in/have fun/travel/etc? Woo!

I've been reading a lot, currently on my 50th for the year! It's funny; I was reading nothing but YA for a few months. So in April I told myself I should read at least one 'grown-up' book per month. And then I read nothing *but* grown-up books for a solid month!

One that I loved was The Eyre Affair, a fun, alternate-reality filled with wordplay, and none of the fuss of dystopia or vampire shit. Thursday Next (what a freaking awesome name!) is featured in a bunch more books; I've requested them from my neighborhood library!

One that I didn't love was 1984. I read half of it years ago and found it fascinating. I bought it later and it's been on my shelf ever since. My book club decided to read that (and Brave New World, which I read in 2007 while in Amsterdam) this month, so I picked it up and read the whole thing. Blaaaaahhhh I was bored silly for the first half (and a little alarmed at the misogyny at the beginning!). Then things finally picked up. It got super boring for about fifteen straight pages and then a little more interesting at the end. Overall, I was kind of underwhelmed. Is that wrong? I don't know, I'm just kind of over that genre. Everyone and their mom is publishing dystopian fiction lately and UGH. Anyway, I wrote a haiku to summarize the book!

Pessimist author
The man always keeps us down
There is never hope

Gosh, that's depressing, sorry! :)

Here's a happy for you though: check out these fun bookshelves (via Neatorama)!

My favorite is this one: