Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Leg 2: Ohio

We left on a beautiful day and drove through green wooded hills in Virginia and on to West Virginia.

There really isn't much to West Virginia, but at least there are trees! (I suppose those could be in danger with continued mountaintop coal mining...)

On into Ohio, where we saw the first of a million bajillion corn fields, and also the only rain we saw the entire trip. This did not surprise me, because when I drove through Ohio on my previous cross-country road trip, it rained so hard that I actually had to pull over on the freeway because I couldn't see. This storm wasn't nearly that bad, happily. 

 By the time we arrived in Dayton, the weather had improved. We found a local pizza place, South Park Tavern, for dinner.

And of course I needed dessert, and a waffle cone of Buckeye Blitz really hit the spot!

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