Saturday, September 08, 2012

Leg 4: Iowa

After a short return after a forgotten item, we drove northwest and finally hit I-80 West into Iowa.
We pulled off just over the border to go to our first Steak n Shake! 
I had this ridiculous s'mores shake.

Following lunch, we went to find the Mississippi River. This town didn't have a terribly picturesque riverside park, but it sufficed for our photo purposes.

I realized a month or so ago that I had only been taking those headless weekly belly shots and ignoring the life I was leading while pregnant. Now, I hadn't had been having much of a life lately, but starting on this roadtrip I sure was! So I have purposely been trying to get a few shots of me and my belly out and about, doing things and going places. I think that will be a fun thing to look back on for me and the littles--where I took them before they were out. :)

Anyway, later on, we stopped by the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. Mostly to get another stamp in our National Parks Passport. But we stayed for a few minutes and looked at some of the buildings.

 The teeny tiny house where he was born:

Parts of the whole village are preserved or rebuilt, which is kind of neat. Here's a blacksmithy built in the 1950s with materials from the 1870s. (Hoover's father was a blacksmith.) Check out the different size shoes--far left is a donkey, second is a 'normal' sized horse or pony, and third from left is a draught horse!

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