Monday, September 10, 2012

Leg 6: Wyoming

The best thing about Wyoming was that it was blessedly cool. Look at those beautiful clouds! We hadn't seen clouds for almost a week at this point. Wyoming definitely has some big-sky country to it. Also, most of it is completely and utterly empty.

We did drive past this huge row of wind turbines set along a ridge. Gorgeous!

Finally we entered the Bridger-Teton National Forest and feasted our eyes on GREEN!

We arrived in Jackson nice and early. Because it was Labor Day weekend and also it's just a busy place, we decided to book a hotel a couple days in advance, and pay full price. We used Priceline for almost every other night (or a cheap motel a couple nights), but there was no way that we wanted to risk that in a place as popular and limited as Jackson. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, which became my favorite hotel this past year with all of my work trips. It was charmingly western--check out this fabulous antler chandelier!

We had plenty of time to walk around the town square (which is pretty much all there is to see of Jackson) while it was still light out. We grabbed a drink at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and took pictures of each other sitting in the saddle barstools. There's also a display case of a stuffed bear that some badass killed with his hands and TEETH. Good lord! 

We had dinner on a tavern patio overlooking the square:

We were quite tired and went to bed early in preparation for a big day of national parks the next day!

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