Sunday, February 08, 2004

02/08/04: Well, the promotion is exciting and everything, but holy cow, it is STRESSFUL. This job never ends. I'm not spending all my time at work, but I never get to leave at 5:15 anymore, either. And somehow the regular eight-hour day is filled to the freaking brim. One day feels like an entire week. Either I'll get better and it, or bored with it, or just have a heart attack and be done with it.

I really don't have a life, still, but I am managing to keep working out three or so nights a week, plus my daily walks of two to three miles. I am also broke this month, so no shopping or extraneous spending for me. I think once I get the midmonth paycheck I should be caught up and be able to start scraping away a little for savings. I've been steadily depleting it for awhile now and it makes me nervous.

Because I am so broke, from paying off Christmas and then going to Paris and then paying off Paris, I am thinking I may not be able to afford Operation Muscle in May (at TrailBlazers, surely you remember). In addition, I would love to attend the NCCC 10th anniversary celebration in Perry Point in early June. However, I am pretty certain I cannot afford two cross-country long weekends within weeks of each other. Perhaps I cannot afford even one. I think I need to convince myself right now that I can't do either, and then later maybe I'll have more money and can surprise myself with them.

I can't wait for another vacation. I can't wait to drive around the country, visiting friends and new places, with no deadlines or needs other than food and shelter.

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