Sunday, February 22, 2004

Good afternoon! It's definitely nearing springtime here in the Pacific Northwest, yesterday and today have been sunny, breezy days. I just got back from a two-hour walk around lovely Renton. I went into the new Sam's Club for the first time, it really is just a small Costco made from Wal-Mart. Anyway, I bought some shampoo and conditioner but, since they only have boxes, I had to carry the bottles home, one in each hand. Like a ghetto dumbbell. Oh well, it really is gorgeous being outside.

I had been looking forward to summertime walks at work, but now I shall have to come up with another plan, because ideally I will be living in another state come true summer. Only two weeks left to soak up the good things about work, and then I can forget it altogether. I can't wait. There are all these plans running around in my head about the next few months. For instance, today I thought about that road trip that I've been craving. I could save up money and then in late April head out across the country: visit friends, make it to TrailBlazers for Operation Muscle, goof around for a couple weeks and head to Perry Point for the NCCC 10th anniversary celebration. I'd been thinking that I wouldn't be able to afford either of those trips, let alone both, but maybe I can do it. Get a quickie money-earning job, move home, and save up for a classic American adventure.

Or maybe I'll just get trapped in another boring temp job and never leave Seattle again. That better not happen.

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