Saturday, February 28, 2004

We got through the end of the month madness, mostly intact. My poor tummy was all in a tizzy all day Friday, which made working not so fun or easy. I did get to go home a bit early and spent the evening resting and reading.

So, Friday night. I ended up joining the outgoing for karaoke with most of the old Alpha gang; it was fun to have so many of us in one place again. Unfortunately, there was a brawl and some of the guys were caught in it and got hurt. It was scary, all loud and scuffly and violent. Eventually everyone was okay again, which is all that matters, but phew, what a crazy evening it ended up being.

Today was a good lazy day. I slept til noon and watched tv all day, did nothing productive. No, wait, I lied, I WAS productive, briefly. I worked on my application essays, submitted the teaching one and prepared as much of the other one as possible. (My silly printer kept me from printing the necessary documents.) That was a bit of a relief, and although, truth be told, I feel like there's no way I'll get an offer on either of these positions, at this point I need to just apply anyway. I also spent some time going through my photo boxes and picking out some pretty pictures to add to the living room gallery.

I love having a weekend. Not to sound like too much of a lazy sack of crap, but I'm looking forward to having an extended "weekend" after this week. I know I will get bored and lonely soon enough with nothing to do and nowhere to go, but for now it sounds divine.

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