Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Blech, my tummy hurts. It hurt yesterday, too. Today was alright, but I had a headache emanating from my eyeballs. The end of this job is so near, and yet so very far. I can't wait to never think about loan files ever again! However, since my leaving was announced, lots of people have given me pep talks of sorts. It's nice. It helps to remind me that I AM doing the right thing, I'm not just being selfish and lazy.

Wait, it's Wednesday? I am all disoriented. I have got some work done on my essays, but I haven't done anything with them today. At the beginning of last week, I told myself that I wanted to have them finished by Monday. As in, three days ago. Oops. I suppose I'll settle for trying to finish them this weekend. And of course, with all things written, there is no "finished," it's just a matter of deciding it's fine and stop worrying about it already. I like that part, being done with it and knowing that it's been submitted or what have you. For being such a lazy, slobby bum, I enjoy ticking things off of lists, the "thrill" of a completed task. I don't balk at procrastinating when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, though, I do have my standards. Mostly they are reading and sleeping and some tv watching.

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