Monday, September 06, 2004

WOOHOO!! I'm back online!

Today I broke down and bought a wireless adapter, so that I can get online at home. Hurrah, it works!! I am so relieved. I'm just hoping that when the cable modem is installed sometime soon, this thing will still work.

Anyway, yesterday I got back from a few days back at home in Washington. I was there about four nights, and got to hang out with family and friends, and relax too. I really enjoyed it. Didn't go anywhere terribly special really, just the same old places. I loved driving my car again. I spent a lot of time going through all the stuff I'd put in boxes in the barn. I found all the Paris/travel stuff that I'd wanted to. Altogether, it felt wonderful to be home and with familiar folks. Coming back to New York wasn't exactly a thrill.

So anyway, here I am back home in Queens. Yesterday after I got in, I went shopping and finally got some school shoes. They will go with the new school clothes I got last week. Woo! I haven't bought clothes in who knows how long. And they are good! Yay.

Happy Labor Day. And for me, happy last day of nothing to do. Tomorrow, I start to work! I'll be reporting somewhere in Flushing...I forgot to write down the address but have a map of the intersecting streets. The website that had the address stopped working. So wish me luck that I find this place. I'm planning on taking two buses to get there, and I'm giving myself at least an hour. I'll be crossing my fingers.

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