Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lost Days?

At least in she knows about them in advance! At my school, however, no one tells us a damn thing.

One class period was 'stolen' from me yesterday with some press thing. And one class told me today that they will all be on a trip tomorrow. I quite think that I probably would have been standing at my door first period, wondering where the hell they were. Oh, and half of another class is apparently going to be on a trip sometime next week.

The other departments either don't have to worry about a state test, or they have an extra THREE MONTHS to worry about it. We, however, are on a big fat deadline! I think we have about three weeks of regular school days until our asses are on the line. Why are we being messed with, AND not being told about it?

I am not happy about any of this. Grr!

Why can't we get an extra three months like math? How can the state live with themselves by making us assess our students not even halfway through the school year? I know this is old news, but it's infuriating me anew.

...Probably to get my mind away from all the assessment and data-driven nonsense that I'm trying to do.

Two weeks until vacation....we can do it. I'll do everything I can, and the rest is up to the kids. If they want to steal days from me, obviously there's nothing I can do about it. It helps me get some work done, since I refuse to bring that kind of work home.

Ack, I need to start inputting grades to give out progress reports. Not like we're doing any real work for the next month, but whatever.

ARGH! Shut up, school. It's almost Friday and I'm tired.


Ms. H said...

I hear ya. This stuff is ridiculously unfair. And I feel like I'm working 36-hour days until the test. ELA teacher martyrdom is in full swing.

NaniRolls said...

Communication as a matter of professional courtesy is sorely lacking in this system. Don't worry-- it's not just you (or maybe we should be superbly worried...)