Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I am proud to say that for the first time, I have written holiday cards!

Tonight I wrote twenty-three of them! Don't worry, though, I'm not done yet. I only stopped because my wrist began to hurt, and I ran out of stamps. But I will continue tomorrow or as soon I get to the post office.

I so enjoy getting real mail, and over the years I've had relatives and a couple wonderful friends who regularly kept in touch with notes and cards. I've never been very good about responding in kind, but this year I've really made an effort, and it feels good. It makes me feel responsible, and affectionate, and grown up. Hurrah for real correspondence!

...Unfortunately, I don't always get things out on time. I mailed cards to my friends with birthdays on their actual birthday, which means they received them late. And my little sister's birthday is on Tuesday. I just got her a gift, but she probably won't get it until Friday or Saturday. Oops. I'm getting there, I promise!

You know, that's definitely a plus for traveling for the holidays: I get to do Christmas shopping in a unique place! It makes the trip a little more stressful, since I have to keep an eye out for the gifts, and I have to worry about suitcase room, but it's fun pairing people I know with things I find in shops in another country, and knowing they're getting something special. And it means it's okay that the presents are late. :)


Fred said...

Great minds think alike. We did 30 of them today. We try and split them up to lessen the burden.

Hopefully, we didn't forget anybody.

Schoolgal said...

A special Happy B-day to your sis! We share the same day. :)

Commerce Bank is open on Sunday, and I spent a good hour there getting gift cards. There's no fee and they come in pretty red boxes with white ribbons. Of course nothing beats a special gift from another part of the world.

I'm also glad the models won the race. That other couple bickered and the Bama team used "the brothers" to get them to the final 3. That's one reality show I would love to get on.

Happy holidays and enjoy your vacation. :)