Sunday, December 24, 2006

New Decorations!

I moved into my adorable studio in late April. It's now late December, which makes it...eight months. Awesome!

I put up multicolored Christmas, er, holiday lights a few months ago, but last week I
put the white ones up. And the other day I put some of the multi back up, below the white ones. Neat! I've been a fan of 'the glow' since college.
Today, while rooting around boxes of travel stuff, I found my souvenir fans. They're cheap plastic and fabric, but I've gotten one on every major trip (except for Prague and New Orleans) for the last five or six years. And I realized they would fit perfectly in the molding-traced frames on the empty walls above my bed and office nook. Then I was like, meh, I'll do it later.
But alas, it's a holiday weekend and I'm cooped up inside snacking endlessly and decided to just put them up.
Hurrah! My apartment is getting prettied up and I'm feeling like a grown up, with my own pretty apartment with real decorations!

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