Thursday, December 28, 2006

Un-Happy Feet

Man, I always forget how uncomfortable it is to be on your feet all day, walking around with a backpack. I'm really thinking about a local foot massage...mmm. Shoulders too; they're sore as well.

I think this is Day Three. I've seen the big sights, and I have not gotten lost. However, that's because I have not strayed from the so-called beaten path. The way I work is that I go to one place and sort of move from there. Like scaffolding: I get familiar with one location or trail, and then expand that area, little by little.

This afternoon I saw a couple patches of blue sky! I was amazed and happy. I could even manage without a hat! But now it's back to gray and cold.

This morning: diamond shop, then Rijksmuseum, then Oude Kerk. It's 4.30 and I want to put my feet up. Not sure what I'm going to do when it gets dark. Sitting around the hostel--full of smoke of both kinds--is not my cup of tea. Because I am an old prude.

I am definitely looking forward to getting out of town tomorrow! I'll be taking the train to the Hague in the morning sometime and hang out there all day, then I'm so far planning to go to Delft on Saturday (I think; I'm still confused about the days. It's either jet lag, smoke inhalation (not mine!), or just travel-brain. Whatever.), which I'm very excited about. Again, because I'm old and a prude, a calmer, quiet place seems perfect right about now.

I will be updating all the sight stuff after I get home, because a-it will take too long, and b-other people, like Kelly, have described things much better!

For now it is Albert Heijn dinner time! A lovely salad, some cheese and crackers, Fanta, and chocolate/white chocolate/caramel mousse. Yum! Yes, exactly what I had yesterday, but still. Tasty, cheap food for me!

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Fred said...

SOunds like you;re having fun. I'm jealous.

Have a Happy New Year!