Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Man, I am boring.

So it's Tuesday, which means I teach. Heh.

Did I post yesterday? What did we do yesterday? Was that the day we did the three steps? I think so, but it seems like it was longer ago than that. Hm. I think I'm getting old.

Anyway, so today I 'tested' them on the steps. And on paying attention. On the overhead I put some practice questions.
First question: "Ms's motto is, When in doubt...
a--eat lots of cheese
b--go back to the passage
c--follow the directions
d--take a walk.

Ha, it made me giggle. And it made some of my kids giggle. Cause apparently I'm also twelve, like them.

Anyway, after that, I timed them on completing a section of a new test (ten minutes for one passage and five questions). After reviewing the three steps, of course. And I watched them, and I saw them previewing and underlining questions!! Cue the angels on high! I must be teaching and they must be learning. It's a Miracle, I tell you!

I had them do some accountable talk about what they did to arrive at their answers, and we quickly reviewed the actual answers. According to the hands raised and their affirmations at the end, the vast majority of each class got them all right or only one wrong. That is very good news indeed! Once again, they said that using this strategy helped them work faster and more correctly. Hurrah!

So tomorrow when we do an official mc assessment, I hope that the scores are much higher than in the past. Wish us all luck.

Especially me, because I think my health is going downhill. For a couple days, my throat has been a bit sore. Nothing too bad, but I sure hope it doesn't get worse. Teaching with a bad throat SUCKS. Then this afternoon, my tummy started to hurt, like that pinching type feeling. Since my last period is free on Tuesdays, and my room was empty and I don't have a homeroom, and I got my bulletin board up, I went home about half an hour early.

Therefore all afternoon and evening, I've been watching tv and chillin' out. I like that, but it's boring. In a good way. Boringsville, that's me!


Fred said...

There's a certain comfort to Boringsville. As long as it's not 24/7, I can handle it...and actually enjoy it.

Ax said...

Your "a--eat lots of cheese" comment reminded me of a guy from high school. He believed that eating cheese made you horny.

I think he ate a lot of cheese.