Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Heading Down Under

Get it? Upside down? Australia? Get it?? Ha!

And this is me *before* jet lag. Sigh.

I need to leave my apartment in 2 1/2 hours, so naturally my first step after a shower was my self-portrait, and then uploading it. But now I'm going to go finish packing, I promise.

I shall do my best to keep up the self-portraits on my trip, but no promises, I guess. And I'll bring my cable, so I might be able to upload while I'm away. I"m pretty sure there will be some time for quick blogging and mass emailing. Otherwise, see you all in three weeks! Take care and look for postcards!


Schoolgal said...

Love the highlights!


jonathan said...

Jeez -

I just get home from Bulgaria, 11:30 at night, mind you, super is in the lobby, brings me my mail, and your card falls out. Except I have no f---ing idea who wrote me from Australia! I'm staring at it. The details. The writing...

And here, with my last gasp of energy, I woke up at 8, but that was another time, I catch up on a few blogs and figure out where that card came from.

A nice idea turned into a Very Nice Surprise!