Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mystery Drink

From Wednesday through Saturday, Boyfriend and I went on a road trip to visit Maryland and Virginia. In Maryland, we visited Perry Point and Havre de Grace to relive and reflect on some five-year-old AmeriCorps memories. One of the places I did not revisit on this trip was the Rendez-Vous Inn, a local bar within walking distance of the Point (meaning we could walk there!).
Last time I was in the area was three summers ago, 2004, with some friends from another team, and we did go to the Vous. That time, I finally got a recipe (or at least ingredients) for my favorite drink that apparently someone there made up. And for the last week, I canNOT for the life of me remember what it was called. But here are my notes for what's in it, so I have a record:

splash of cran

Doesn't that sound yummy? Does ANYONE remember the freaking name of this drink?! I hate getting old!

These notes were in a wee notebook I used to carry around. It's a little book I bought at the Louvre, a picture of Nike (winged victory, not a shoe) on the front, with a matching pen that fits in. I kept all kinds of notes in this book, and it's funny to look at them years later, wondering about some of it. I used to keep track of gas mileage; books that I found in stores that looked interesting yet that I could not afford; random notes to myself' lists of games, movies, people, groceries; directions to all kinds of places, like job interviews and friends' houses; people's phone numbers; a random note in Latin (in someone else's handwriting; I don't know Latin); Boggle games; expenses. Here's a couple pages where I tried to list all 50 states and capitals. And then, in different color to prove I wasn't cheating, I noted which ones I had to fix. Nerd alert.

Oh, and the notebook held several bits of paper as well. A few receipts that have completely faded, a notepaper with some dream fragments, a map of QC, an old employee card from the Bon from the 2002 holiday season, a business card from a Bridgeport Habitat staffperson.

I do still keep a wee notebook in my bag at all times. This one is also from Paris, it's like 4x6 inches and is made of graph paper. In the current one, I have many of the same kinds of things: tons of Boggle games; directions; names and phone numbers; book lists; gift lists; packing lists. In this one, I've (we've) kept track of the places we've visited to eat. First it started with nacho ratings, but now I'll include any good spot. That way we have a record of good places to go, what we liked or didn't like, and usually where they're located. Quite handy, actually. The only thing that this notebook holds, so far, is a business card from an art gallery in New Orleans that someone recommended. Something about black lights that change the paintings. I never ended up visiting the gallery, but I still keep the card. I think it's apparent by now that I'm a bit of a packrat.

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