Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lists and Worries

I leave on Tuesday afternoon to go to Australia for three weeks.

List of things to do, not involving packing:

  • Return library books
  • Finish Harry Potter #6
  • Get eyebrows done
  • Pick up contacts
  • Get table out of car and put together
  • Find official trip journal (hopefully it's in the car!)
  • Find the other plug for my adaptor (I had it three months ago! It's gotta be here, somewhere!)
  • Finish packing list
  • Try not to freak out
  • Start actually packing
  • Take out trash
  • Clean out fridge so it doesn't smell later
  • Tidy my apartment so I can come home feeling happy
  • Make some playlists on the iPod
  • Charge the phone and iPod
  • Laundry

Things I'm worried about:

  • jet lag! We fly to LA first, which is five hours, and then go to Sydney, which is SEVENTEEN HOURS
  • eating enough
  • being a mature, responsible adult for three weeks straight while surrounded by middle schoolers (ie, not being immature, whiny, or too teacherish)
  • getting enough rest
  • packing just right (I usually tend toward underpacking, because I'm all about easy and comfortable, but three weeks is three times longer than the trips I usually take and pack for)
  • taking pictures (I have a spare battery and two 4GB memory cards, but I'm terrified I'll forget/lose/run of space or something)
  • keeping iPod charged
  • finding interesting souvenirs for friends and family (kind of silly, I know, but still, there you go)
  • not spending much money, because money is already a bit tight this summer (but come on, when will I be back in Australia? I don't want to deny myself something interesting because I'm too damn frugal for my own good)
  • possibly not being able to email or update blog/flickr
  • still taking self-portraits for three weeks, without uploading
  • having to hand-write a journal, which I'm so out of practice with
  • seeming like a nice, normal American in front of the awesome Aussies
  • trying not to pick up the accent
  • reading time
  • not getting spoiled for HP #7

PS--Seriously? I have come back and edited these lists AT LEAST ten times already. I'll probably do more later, too, as I think of things.

PPS--Who wants a postcard?? You know you do. Email me your address and I'll send you one from Down Under! (Does that get capitalized? Hm.)


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Three weeks in Australia? THREE WHOLE WEEKS??? Oh, how I envy you! Do have an enjoyable trip. It's going to be one of those adventures that you'll never forget, even if there are glitches along the way. And that hand-written journal that you're dreading? It will become one of your most treasured possessions in the future--a keepsake to pass on to grandchildren! So write, write, write--and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

ms. v. said...

Don't worry about finding souvenirs... you're traveling with middle school kids, remember? They are going to shop until you can't bear the thought of shopping anymore. But somewhere in there, you'll have found the perfect this and that for yourself and others.

Good luck with that list - and have fun!

Miss B said...

Who wants a postcard? I do! I do!

Request emailed.

Have a blast :)

Ms. George said...

Have a wonderful time!
A post card request has been emailed, if you have the time;)