Monday, July 02, 2007


How the heck is it July already?!

I have to say that summer break is freaking awesome. I've been watching lots of tv and doing some reading. I stay up really late, just because I can, and I can sleep in every day if I want.

Since it's not even been a week yet, I'm not bored. But I will be, because I tend to just sit at home. So I'd like to go into the city and take some dance classes, and visit new places, and I'll have to shop for my upcoming trip (holy crap, two weeks from tomorrow!).


Schoolgal said...

Possibility of being bored when you have another trip???????
Girl, I just don't understand.

You and Boyfriend can go places and stay out as late as you want.
You can see a movie in the early afternoon and pay only the discount price. There's always the city with lots to do. And Austin Street is filled with lots of shops. I haven't been to Atlas Park yet, have you? I am planning on going this week.

Mei said...

Haha, I know just what you mean. During the last two weeks of school, all I can think about is summer break, and then, two weeks in, I'm like, "This is it?"

Schoolgal said...

I remember my first years of teaching. My friends and I went to the beach constantly and would go out at night. That was the time of discos and the "bar scene".

We also got in some day trips since we couldn't afford to travel on $9,700 a year. Other teachers got shares in the Hamptoms.

We just had fun.

Those who thought they would get bored worked summer school.

Now that I am near retirement I just love sleeping late, not marking papers, visiting family and friends, redecorating, and most of all, catching up on doctor appointments that I can make before 3 pm--and there are many.

And since the '05 contract, I no longer go in early to set up my classroom after 20 years of doing so (back in the 70s we had 3 days to set up so it wasn't necessary to come back early.) That gives me another "vacation" day.

I have friends who didn't want to retire because they were afraid they would be bored. I already know that I plan to travel off season and visit places I can now afford.

Treasure these days because the next contract will increase both the school day and school year.

Schoolgal said...

Ooops! That should read "Hamptons"