Monday, July 16, 2007

Update and Stuff

Okay folks, I need to leave my apartment in 23 hours, and I'm so not done.

Things I got done so far? Contacts, table, charge iPod. AND I found the adaptor plug I was looking for! It was 'hiding' on my floor in almost clear sight. Still no luck on finding the official journal, however. I have begun packing, and have most of the stuff taken care of--toiletries, vitamins, wallet stuff. Clothes, not so much. I've pulled two pairs of trousers and a couple shirts and one dress out of the closet, but I need to decide for sure and then make sure everything will fit in my not-very-big suitcase.

Things I will almost surely do today: eyebrows, library, read HP6 (halfway through now), freak out

Things that will most likely fall by the wayside: all cleaning and tidying


jonathan said...

With one hour left, what kind of idiot leaves comments on other people's blogs?

My cleaning fell off the list yesterday.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Freaking out before a major trip is always an appropriate thing to do!