Friday, January 18, 2008

Because I'm not a "writer"

Things I did not like about this week:

--The stupid test

--The administration doing many, many stupid and annoying things

--My knee twinging more than I'd like

--I think I've had a headache every day this week

--I still haven't read my photography books

--Or signed up for the photography course I want to take

Things I did like about this week:

--I made a cake! From a box, and I had to buy eggs for the very first time ever, but still, it's the only time I've ever baked or cooked anything for real. And oh, it is tasty.

--My kids got through the test okay

--My Gray Bunnies liking the breathing/stretching exercises I led them in before the test each day

--The test is over!!

--I've gotten lots done with the book room (not in the book room; rather, getting things in and out)

--The kids have been very eager and helpful with the book room (yay, nice kids!)

--I think one of my department colleagues is a kindred spirit, which is a relief considering I don't much respect the rest of them

--My Stupid Toe is now officially a Normal Toe! No Pain! Whee!

--Which has helped me be able to work out FOUR times this week! (which sadly is leading to the knee twinging, but this list is about happy! four! woo!)

--Feeling proud that I'm getting into a workout routine (ie, I was looking forward to exercise all afternoon on Tuesday!) (this is someting I've been working on for the entire four years of NY living, so wish me luck and endurance and a happy knee)

--The kids are still so excited about the National Geographics, and they are even excited about the research brochure project we're doing based on the magazines

--I have my whole next week and a half planned out

--My scarf is coming along really well--exactly 32 inches right now!

--The week is now over!!

--We get an extra day of rest! Hallelujah!


Mintyfresh said...

yay for 3-day weekends!!! especially when it's leading into your last 4 days of work!

sorry, too happy to not make it all about ME :)

NCavillones said...

Your post made me smile. :)Thanks!